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MDC agenda inherently contradictory

ON Monday, I listened to the interview of MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai on BBC’s Hardtalk programme.

I need someon

e to convince me that he put himself forward as a leader with a strategy and vision. The BBC, as I could see by the background festooned with a rape and torture banner, wanted to communicate a message.

They started their interview by portraying the problem in Zimbabwe as racial. They got Tsvangirai to confirm and legitimise it. On whether he gets money from white farmers, he had four answers within a space of three minutes or so.

On participation in the March elections, he said he did not know whether he would participate. At best, one can say he is dabbling in a chihwande-hwande (hide-and-seek) strategy.

He denies that the core of the problem is land. He adopts a defensive stance until the interviewer asks him why he thinks everybody is wrong — leaders and the people.

He did not explain why he cannot win debates on crucial issues but rather puts the blame on President Mugabe.

Surely, you can’t blame your opponent for failing to put forward your ideas to convince people.

The MDC badly needs a new leader. Alternatively, they need to change what they stand for because I think that is what compromises them. It could be that the leader is good but the MDC agenda is tightly-scripted and does not give the leader or anyone else some wiggling room.

Their agenda is inherently contradictory and cannot be in harmony with itself or the practicalities of the Zimbabwean situation. It will need magic for it to work in its current form.

Kuthula Matshazi,


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