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Let real cockroaches stand up

READING through Tony Namate’s comments (Zimbabwe Independent, September 22), I really appreciated his first sentiments, as I was once a victim of speeding kombi drivers.

Every time I pass through Manchester Road to G

len Norah it reminds me of one kombi driver who after evading the police sped all the way to OK shops shouting insults to passengers for failure to change things than complaining of fare increases.

The writer said Zimbabweans are now living like cockroaches. I felt insulted and at the same time it reminded me of an incident where for sure I acted as one.

I agree with Namate that our docility and failure to change things where unfairness and oppression occurs makes us all failures and we are where we are because of that, Tony concluded.

However, I would like to ask Tony what he is really doing to change things, besides drawing cartoons?

Tony belongs to the same generation of cockroaches that have failed to change things. Power lies in the people not necessarily consumer power.

Tony’s closing remarks of power to the people and not to the opposition make me really wonder how he wants us to tackle the current regime and neither is he suggesting an alternative.

An opposition is a healthy situation in all democracies and all we need is a formidable opposition — accountable, non-tribalistic, transparent and supported by the people.

Power is the people and changing things is not merely cartoons but joining others in the revolution.

Shouting with one voice is the solution.


Glen Nora B,


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