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Gono, keep your banks and I will keep my forex

THIS is an open letter to Reserve Bank governor Gideon Gono.

I am not at all pleased by the kind of instructions that you give to Zimbabwe’s commercial banks with regard to foreign currency accounts (FCAs).

stify>I went to inquire on the modalities of opening an FCA and was told that every time I wanted to deposit foreign currency into my account I would have to indicate the source of the money.

Now seriously sir, how many people are willing to indicate their sources of foreign currency in this country? Have you ever wondered why Swiss banks just require a number for the account holder?

There is no way I can give a Zimbabwean bank my source of foreign currency. As a result of this stupid policy, I now prefer to keep my foreign currency at home, just like many other Zimbabweans.
Keep your banks, Gono, and I will keep my forex!

Cheesed Off,


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