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Don’t give up the fight

IT is shameful the Zimbabwean government is even scared of ordinary South African youths.

The deportation of Buti Manamela and his team is disgraceful in the face of Sadc. Unfortunately not even one of the regional leaders could

boldly condemn such barbaric behaviour by the Mugabe regime.

We, as Concerned Zimbabweans Abroad, condemn such inhuman behaviour by a sitting government of a so-called sovereign state.

To Buti and his team, we say you are true heroes of Africa. You have shown true African brotherhood. Do not give up the fight for what is right.

The effects of the Zimbabwean crisis is affecting all of you directly. The suffering of your fellow youths up north cannot go unchallenged and we hope all the other youths in the region will follow in your footsteps.

On behalf of all peace-loving people of Zimbabwe, we apologise for the barbaric reception you received in our country. You are not enemies of Zimbabwe and you are not prohibited immigrants in our country.

Jay Jay Sibanda,

South Africa.

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