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Did I hear you right Edgar?

WAS my former student and good friend Edgar Langeveldt’s letter (Independent, May 23) intended as a humorous, tongue-in-cheek contribution? I hope so.

, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif”>If not, I am still trying to digest and comprehend its contents. Surely Edgar is not running scared?

Why should he fear being killed if one of his comedy characters is based on “the nation’s top shopper” (whoever that might be)?

It does rather spoil the fun of listening to Edgar in concert to know in advance that his character Angelina “represents all fat-cat nouveau riche who are too enamoured by the false and poisonous fruit of Western consumerism to see that the country is dying and in danger of being re-colonised economically”.

After all it is easier to laugh at a character whom we can identify (or should it be “with whom we can identify”?)

Perhaps Edgar can allow his audience to continue to imagine that Angelina is “the nation’s top shopper” even though, from his detailed description of her qualities, it is now very obvious that Angelina could never be mistaken for the mysterious and as yet to be named “nation’s top shopper”.

I must confess that Edgar’s final paragraph has me a bit worried. He writes: “Please do not think of me or try to use me as a tool of either the gay, white, MDC, or NCA bloc/ensemble and all those who oppose Robert Mugabe willy-nilly.”

Really, Edgar! You a “tool”! Perish the thought. Me neither. I am not gay, I am white, I do support the MDC and the NCA, but I am not a bloc and certainly not an ensemble and I have never opposed Robert Mugabe “willy-nilly” (whatever that is).

I do, however, unreservedly oppose the flagrant abuse of human rights, the wholesale destruction of this country’s economy, the endemic corruption of the ruling regime, and everything else that has so manifestly worsened the lives of millions of Zimbabweans.

I hope that you do too – after all what does it say about the state of our society when one of its leading comedians fears being killed because of a misunderstanding over whom one of his comic characters is supposed to represent?

RES Cook,


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