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Did Gono do economics?

I DON’T think our learned Reserve Bank govenor Gideon Gono did economics at school because of all his experiments none has worked.

He once introduced fuel buying coupons and the system never worked.


hat he should know is that serious investors are not interested in Zimbabwe because of political instability and mismanagement of the economy.

What you should, Mr Governor, tell your boss is that he should remove all deadwood surrounding him. All they can complain about are “sanctions” but they are busy milking parastatals such as Ziscosteel.

Inflation is now around 2 000% but you are saying we should be patient because you are staying in a leafy suburb of Harare getting everything you want.

Why did you waste billions of dollars buying expensive cars like Pajeros for “Project Zuva Radoka”, not “Project Zuva Rabuda”?

Today Zupco is bleeding because the state transporter doesn’t have buses. As a serious person who wants ordinary Zimbabweans to have at least a better living, you should have bought minibuses for your so-called project which were going to help ease transport problems.

Only a few are benefiting from your experiments, Mr Govenor.

Lovemore P Maseko,


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