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Collective effort needed

PLEASE allow me to share my views with fellow Zimbabweans on our current economic predicament. This is free advice to Zanu PF rulers whose destructive policies have ravaged a once promising country.

rdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif”>First, Zanu PF should know that there will be no solution to our problems without the collective effort of all Zimbabweans.

Zanu PF should acknowledge that it created the current economic chaos as a result of political and economic ignorance. In the past, it was an advantage to masquerade as a Zanu PF member and get preferential treatment, eg in employment and promotion.

Today an ordinary person who goes out of Zimbabwe and gets a few US dollars is the king. Zanu PF chased away so many Zimbabweans who today are the owners of the precious foreign currency. No sane person will make available foreign currency to the Zanu PF government so that Grace and others can go and wine and dine in Malaysia or France.

Economic policies without the support of the people are useless. In the past, corruption was the monopoly of Zanu PF chefs. Today, it is no longer the preserve of Zanu PF. People now make and follow their own policies, eg black market policies. How can government control the black market when it has no mandate from the people?

The black market can only be controlled once people respect their government and economy. Zanu PF and its war veterans have created a culture of selfishness, which has now permeated Zimbabwean society. For example, war veterans have continued to demand higher pensions from government when the rest of society is impoverished. As Mugabe and his lieutenants give each other benefits, those with foreign currency sell it at their own rate. Is it fair?

Yesterday, Mugabe and his government allowed mayhem on the farms to gain power, today mob rule is the order of the day. Black market rules are similar to farm invasions – you do what you want as long as you achieve your objectives.

If we are to get out of this mess, our government needs legitimacy and respect. Only collective effort can help us to start anew and rebuild Zimbabwe. The way forward is to have genuine negotiations involving all Zimbabweans.

This posturing by Mugabe as the legitimate ruler will not get us out of the current economic quagmire. There will be no foreign currency without a popularly elected and respected government. Without foreign currency there will be no imports, food, machinery, etc.

Witboi Hlupai,

South Africa.

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