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Claim about Tekere was naive

LAST week one of your reporters demonstrated a high level of naivety which should be challenged in the interest of journalistic integrity.

vetica, sans-serif”>This relates to a story headed “Tekere takes swipe at Mugabe”. In it, the writer claims that “Tekere prides himself on being the founding father of opposition politics in Zimbabwe”.

That is a shocking claim from your paper. Does this mean before this Zanu PF man crossed paths with Mugabe there was no opposition in Zimbabwe? I would say even under Lobengula’s rule there was opposition.

But then why should your paper claim that Tekere was the founding father of opposition politics when he never got even five seats in parliament? Allow me to explain.

These are the Zimbabweans who in the early 1980s did not think PF-Zapu, Zanu Ndonga and Muzorewa’s UANC party were legitimate opposition parties.

To them they were just crazy groups of dissidents whom Robert Mugabe had to crush like ants.

Imagine somebody taking a failed politician so seriously that he will bestow upon him a title which is not deserved by anyone.

Mkhwananzi Nompumelelo,


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