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City, Zinwa incompetent

THERE have been reports on the Harare water crisis in several publications, but none of them has yet been able to capture the truth behind the situation.

The eastern areas of Harare, notably Chisipite and Greendale, have more or

less been without water since mid-August. We who live in these areas were outraged by the report in the Herald which stated that a water crisis was “looming” when in fact we have been without water for weeks already. This nonsense was picked up by other state-owned publications, which also said there was likely to be a problem in due course.

There have been several varying explanations from the City of Harare and the Zimbabwe National Water Authority (Zinwa) as to the reasons for the crisis, including “shortages of chemicals”, “broken pumps”, “lack of water from the supply dams” and (most incredulously) “the drought”.

I assume it is simply incompetence on the part of both of these bodies and that these excuses are just that.

As a result of this situation, people in affected areas are undergoing the most unbelievable and intolerable experiences and the effects on vegetable gardens is especially disappointing. So much for the joys of being in the 21st century. So much for being in the Sunshine City — an urban area which has in the past six or seven years regressed more than any other on the African continent, save perhaps for Mogadishu.

The blame for the water crisis must be laid squarely on the shoulders of these people: the ministers in charge of local government and water portfolios, the unelected commission in charge of Harare’s affairs and, of course, the staff of the City of Harare and Zinwa. All of these are tasked with ensuring a continuous and clean supply of water to the people of Harare.

People should initiate legal action against individuals and bodies whose incompetence has brought about this crisis.

Not Surprised,


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