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Bob’s way back to God?

WE, the Zimbabwe Christian Alliance, are appalled and disgusted by the beating up and arrest of leaders of the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) who were intending to march peacefully and to present a protest petition to Labour minister Nicholas Goche a

nd Finance minister Herbert Murerwa.

We unreservedly condemn this brutal and unlawful action.

The government of Zimbabwe calls itself democratic and accuses its critics of tarnishing its image. Our understanding is that democratic governments encourage and protect such peaceful activities by citizens as part of their democratic right.

Instead the government of Zimbabwe sent out heavily armed riot police to arrest and assault most of the patriotic leaders of the country’s biggest trade union who were unarmed. Who is tarnishing whose image?

We urge all Christians to pray for all those who were brutally assaulted and seriously injured.

At a recent national day of prayer, President Robert Mugabe and some church leaders declared that the nation was going back to God. We sincerely ask him whether this is the way back to God?

Zimbabwe Christian Alliance.

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