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Bob’s ticket for violence

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe’s continued failure to condemn torture is worrying. This week, state media quoted him saying that “police were right” in dealing “sternly” with Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions demonstrators.


the “command” culture in Zanu PF where a leader’s actions and statements are not questioned, it is very likely that his statements will be seen by those under him, including the youth militia Zanu PF has turned into law-enforcement agents, as a ticket to perpetrating more violence against perceived opponents of his misrule and bad governance.

Simply put, Mugabe is openly and publicly encouraging lawlessness.

Further, it should be noted that Mugabe’s comments come at a time when senior officers of the law have admitted to their excesses by instituting investigations into allegations of torture levelled against them. It is unlikely that the results of these investigations will be taken seriously, especially when they confirm what is already known, after Mugabe’s outrageous comments.

This is the time Zimbabweans, and indeed the international community, should start asking whether the old man is still fit to be president, let alone a father figure to our constitution and values of ubuntu embodied in most Zimbabweans.

Khafula! Pthuu!



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