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Zanu PF will finally fall

WHO wants to be seen or photographed at Heroes Acre?

In the more trying times ahead, stressed but sober-minded Zimbabweans will easily recognise the symptoms of e

xtreme desperation that the Zanu PF hierarchy is resorting to to save themselves for a while longer from their inevitable exposure and collapse.

Soon perhaps they will be asked to show their party membership credentials, but conceivably in different circumstances to those known to them before.

Zanu PF has no coherent answers, durable plans or excuses to justify their persistent misgovernance, abuse and looting of the nation and its people.

Tail-saving is now their foremost agenda item. The question often arises – who really wants to be photographed for historic purposes paying homage to the self-anointed hero at his acre when inevitable circumstances come to the fore?

That the president had difficulty in attending to and dealing with the truth and his future as revealed in his recent Mbeki- sponsored and stage-managed SABC TV interview is a matter that would escape only a Zanu PF comrade.

Mental analysts will tell anyone that the body language of shut eyes, evasion, the loss of meaningful words, expansive pauses, subject matter deviation, denial and waving hand gestures send messages of debility, insecurity or of gross hallucination and of an ingrained lying syndrome.

It is now inevitable that Zanu PF will finally fail and fall. Even President Mbeki cannot save them for much longer unless he wants to promote an earlier than expected dethronement on the global stage, and in his own country.

In the silent absence of sane and meaningful intervention from the professed civilised democrats of the world, Zimbabweans must now understand that the Zanu PF chain of command will spill as much blood as they can to retain power and loot to further excuse themselves from any future accountability.

To regain their natural rights and democratically driven purposes, Zimbabweans must understand that to recover their rights Zanu PF must be engaged on their own territory and in clearly understood terms, and in a manner that will deliver their hopes and dues.

Zanu PF “heroes” are inherently endowed to run fast when not gathered in drug-crazed masses, or when they have no weapons readly available to protect themselves from overdue retribution.

How many soldiers and policemen now go home with any confidence about their futures in their once proudly worn uniforms?

Walter Hurley,


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