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Zanu PF now a bonga

IN the Independent (May 23) a headline caught my attention suggesting that Zimbabweans still need Zanu PF. Although I didn’t manage to get the full article due to Internet access problems, the he

adline itself was enough to invoke a response.

Zimbabweans do not need Zanu PF.

The writer of the article (Denford Magora) must understand one thing. It is dangerous and misguided to generalise about the necessity of a particular party to the nation as a whole, especially if that party is Zanu PF.

Zanu PF did its part. Zanu PF was more useful during the liberation struggle than it has been in a free Zimbabwe, especially since the 1990s. I used to be a Zanu PF fanatic myself. I lost all my love for it when it started deviating from the wishes of people and transformed itself into the economic, social and political vampire that it is now.

In our tradition we keep cats and we like them because they keep rats away and thereby help in protecting our health. But once a domestic cat adopts wild ways it becomes dangerous and we call it “bonga”.

No one wants to keep a bonga in his/her home because it will start killing chickens and other livestock. Zanu PF is now a political bonga.

I have no doubt that there will be people who like Zanu PF for better or for worse, but that doesn’t mean Zimbabweans still need Zanu PF.

Zanu PF has shown that it is a cruel party that will go to all lengths to protect its leaders at the expense of ordinary men, women and children. Zimbabweans have been maimed and killed, national coffers have been drained and petrol and diesel tanks are empty. National granaries are gathering dust all because of Zanu PF.

I see many Zimbabweans who are living a hard life away from their own land because they have been driven away by Zanu PF policies. In fact we spend most of our time focusing on Robert Mugabe, but I can tell you all in Zanu PF share the blame. They are people with brains and eyes, they know what is happening but have chosen a self-serving path, using innocent Zimbabweans as cannon fodder.

Therefore to say that Zimbabweans still need Zanu PF is extremely provocative for the majority Zimbabweans who do not want to be associated with a political bonga.

Simon Bere,


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