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Who will cast the first stone?

AS usual I read with interest your letters pages of May 2. T Chimurenga lays the background as he explains how so many of us get by in Zimbabwe today.


ference” says the government should abstain from interfering in civic affairs of Harare. Sue Burr reports on the wildlife situation and asks what, if anything, is being done to stop poaching and save our animals?

Evan Tsouroulis, in explaining his withdrawal of support from Hifa this year, asks how on earth, knowing all the above to be true, we can carry on pretending all is normal.

How indeed?

Who amongst us is not indulging in some corrupt practice or other, whether it be buying mealie meal for our workers or buying some cheap Zimbabwe dollars to carry us over?

Too many others are blatantly filthy rich, and one does not ask too many questions.

I believe that we should be very aware of what we are doing or the state of governance will become the status quo in which we live, more firmly entrenched than ever.

T Chimurenga says the collapse of our economy from commercial agriculture and industry to squatters and informal traders was planned. Either that or it was allowed to happen, the small change to fall where it may.

No, the power brokers were not up to the task.



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