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IF the mayor of Harare Elias Mudzuri can be suspended for non-performance in improving the situation in Harare, then surely President Mugabe should be suspended too.

P>The mayor of Harare was legitimately elected last year during the presidential election. Since then there has been an enormous improvement in the running of Harare despite interference by the Minister of Local Government, Ignatius Chombo.

Congratulations to Mudzuri for his stance. Unfortunately, since March 2002 there has been no improvement in the running of the country as a whole. I hasten to add that, in fact the economy, food situation, fuel and health services are a few of the vital issues and services which have gone from bad to worse and the government is responsible.

I therefore strongly recommend that Mugabe be suspended for gross mismanagement and failure to improve the situation in Zimbabwe since the election.

Only Fair,


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