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Tsvangirai is our single hope

WHATEVER the words Denford Magora may choose to portray and classify Morgan Tsvangirai in his search for a leader that can guide Zimbabwe to a better tomorrow, he should at least accept the truth that the MDC president is a nationalist wh

o is relevant and necessary to the present political struggle.

Tsvangirai is a hero. In fact, he should be regarded in the same class as Herbert Chitepo and Lookout Masuku among others. He will forever be remembered in our hearts whether or not he ends up as president of Zimbabwe.

From the time the MDC was formed, he has shown immense bravery, especially when no one else seemed prepared to publicly stand up against President Mugabe’s rule.

It is no small matter that during the period leading to the treason trial verdict, a lot of us were quite anxious and uncertain of what was to prevail upon us. He is our single hope – the only person that could possibly lead us out of this quagmire.

The whole treason saga has elevated the man (Tsvangirai) to new heights and if the coming election were to be free and fair, they would surely propel the MDC to a resounding victory.

It’s not just Zimbabweans who now look at Tsvangirai in a new and different light, many others who received the news the world over now show solidarity as we have suffered for too long. Tsvangirai further showed he was a great leader by calling for national reconciliation.

Considering the suffering he and his family went through, you can only applaud the man. Of all people opposed to the monstrous Zanu PF regime, Tsvangirai has sacrificed his freedoms the most.

Does he ever get a goodnight’s sleep? I can’t help wondering, yet people like myself and Magora are sleeping tight and sweet dreaming night after night, except for worries about our monies that are stuck in the Trust Bank vaults (sic).

My main issue with Magora is not with regards to his line of thought, but with his timing.

I feel that this is not the time to be wishing for a better leader than Tsvangirai. Rather, it is the time to be wishing for a better leader than President Mugabe. It is apparent Tsvangirai is the only option that is available to us.

The type of leader that Magora is hoping for is non-existent, unless of course Magora himself can suggest a name. Until he musters the guts to do that, he should reserve his opinions or better still, suggest ideas that benefit the current climate.

Our daily prayers to God are not for a perfect leader but that we may come out of this “Egypt” that we are trapped in. We are not really worried about the “Black Sea” that might be awaiting us on the other side, at least not at this moment!

Clive Musonza,


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