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Spare the taxpayer

I’M sure I speak for millions of right-minded Zimbabweans when I say that I have truly had enough of this PaxAfro nonsense.

What incenses me most is seeing my har

d-earned money which the government steals from me every month (through PAYE) being wasted on some mediocre project by Information minister Jonathan Moyo.

The minute you switch on the radio or television, there is probably some PaxAfro track or musical video being played.

Journalists in the hate-filled propaganda machine known as the Herald fall over each other and have almost run out of superlatives to describe PaxAfro’s album.

You should have seen the run-up to the “Party of the Year” held at the Harare International Conference Centre. To rub salt in the wound, the show was beamed live until the wee hours of the morning.

What is so special about this musical group?

The amount of publicity and marketing behind it is shocking. If the truth be told, the music is simply atrocious, with half-baked lyrics.

There are local groups and artists who have produced “masterpieces” through talent and hard work and their music cannot be compared to PaxAfro’s.

The claim behind the group is that it represents a heritage of Africanness and the message and theme on all the songs is about black pride.

In the majority of the songs, the theme is about love and other irrelevant issues. Something is terribly wrong here.

The professor has definitely taken this project too far. If he regards himself as a musician, why not take it up at a personal level and not abuse the taxpayers’ funds and the airwaves?

Tapson Mkhoboli,


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