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Price sharks shameless

IT takes two to tango, but it seems that the business community cannot decipher the mood of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ)’s zero-tolerance on the zeros that had been appended to our currency for the past three years.

Alas! Our supermarkets, shops and various sto

res are all engaged full throttle to torpedo every effort by RBZ governor Gideon Gono to make Zimbabwe manageable — at least economically.

There is gross malfeasance in the retail business because economic saboteurs in this sector have developed a stupendous desire to run the cogs of our nation aground.

For them a better Zimbabwean economy is here and now where there is confusion as they can only reap more by dictating prices of all consumer goods, from foodstuffs to fuel.

They have reached their Holy Grail. Sadly for the rest of the lawful citizens, we always wake up in search of a better Zimbabwe.

Economic saboteurs cannot countenance the mere fact that Gono is trying to create a virtuous circle by breaking the vicious cycle that they have unnecessary forced on us as a nation.

Gono now needs an army of faithful followers to join his national service crusade, who would want the sun to shine on every Zimbabwean.

But I still wonder why some among us want to continue doing the Indian dance of one step forward two steps backwards. Why do these economic saboteurs have an aversion to a better life for all?

For instance, instead of simply striking off the zeros and maintaining the first three or four figures on every price of any product, the price sharks conspired to increase the prices unilaterally.

The retailers want to force Gono into accepting that our situation is untenable. Was not the removal of the zeros warning enough for them to stop their speculative businesses?

Surely the 320 price monitoring officers must be eagle-eyed and move in swiftly to bring to book all saboteurs.

The coming of the new currency despite minimal hiccups was meant to bring gallant smiles of victory, as it was intended to benefit every Jim and Jack, not just the retail business community who have a knack of overcharging on virtually all products.

The Vulcan,

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