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Miss Zim’s dad should be ashamed

I WAS appalled to read about the father of Oslie Muringai boasting that his daughter had “done the family proud” by winning the Miss Zimbabwe crown.

Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif”>The status of being the most beautiful person in society is not achieved, but it is ascribed at birth by God. Oslie did not do much except put some make-up and expose herself to the public by strutting half-naked on the ramp to win the crown.

I would expect a father to be embarrassed by this act of public stripping by his daughter instead of applauding it.

That Oslie is at university makes the whole issue despicable as our poor third world country needs to make better use of its better brains than reduce them to glorified strip-teasers.

America can afford to parade girls for the benefit of amorous rich men out to sample the latest offering from the beauty factory after a hard day’s work because it has achieved all that a society needs to make the lives of its citizens comfortable.

But a third world country like Zimbabwe needs all the budding and potential pharmacists, engineers etc before satiating the appetites of rich men with beautiful ladies.

There is no modelling industry to talk about in this country because our economy is not developed enough to need beautiful faces to convince rich men to buy non-existent products. We should first of all channel all our efforts towards building a vibrant economy so that a viable modelling industry may come up.

At the moment, the “modelling industry” is just churning out mistresses for well-heeled indigenous businessmen who dump the hapless girls after sampling them. Oslie’s father should actually be cursing his ancestors that his daughter has been exposed to indigenous sharks and this may ruin her prospects of a career or marriage.

Tax payers should demand their money back from Oslie because the skills she is acquiring at university should have been used to develop the country and not to advertise herself to mistress-hunters.

Government should pass a law that forbids girls at tertiary institutions whose education it funds from taking part in beauty contests as this puts to waste tax payers’ money.

I gather one model, a government-trained pharmacist, never practised her trade, preferring to go into modelling, having denied another student a place at the School of Medicine when she never meant to use the skills she acquired.

Now we have problems motivating our daughters to aspire to be lawyers, doctors or some such honourable professions as they see role models in the likes of Oslie.

Kudakwashe Marazanye,


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