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Magora used to be objective

I HAVE been following the debate on Denford Magora and his articles and would like to state that I agree with a previous writer who said Magora is only seeking attention.

s-serif”>Magora has lately developed a knack for bashing the MDC and its leader, Morgan Tsvangirai. He has expressed so many views that it is hard to know where he stands.

However, in my opinion, he used to be an objective critic before joining the bandwagon of those demonising the MDC and its leader. It appears this has developed into an obsession for him.

I am not saying the MDC shouldn’t be criticised, but doing that just for the sake of it is not the way to go. Magora even suggested that the solution to our problems lies in letting Zanu PF fix the mess it has created. Are we supposed to sit back while Zanu PF seeks the magic formula to our problems?

Since he claims he doesn’t belong to any party, I suggest that he forms his own to prove that democracy thrives in Zimbabwe.

He has already made a name for himself and I would be very happy to hear the solutions which he doesn’t want to share with the rest of us. And after forming his party, maybe he would understand why the MDC is saying the reforms being proposed by the government are but just a smokescreen.

Magora even had the cheek to insult other people by stating that all the people who have left Zimbabwe are “unpatriotic” and has lately started calling them “travellers”.

I write behind a nom dé plume because I am not trying to take some cheap shots on Magora to establish myself as a household name.

Non-attention Seeker,


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