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Lowani is the real dunderhea

AFTER reading Lowani Ndlovu’s article “Gono did not mislead public”, (Sunday Mail, November 7), I was left with the impression that Lowani is the one who is a dunderhead, and not the Zimbabwe Independent whose only “crim

e” was to report on Zimbabwe’s troubled banking industry “Gono misled public” (November 5).

It is surprising that Lowani still insists there is no bank in Zimbabwe that has collapsed, simply because no bank has been liquidated.

To the public it does not matter much whether a bank has collapsed or has been placed under curatorship.

What matters is that the bank has been closed and they will not be able to access their funds. Six months is a very long time in Zimbabwe’s highly-inflationary environment.

Lowani seems to be so obsessed with the technical definition of “liquidation”, “collapsed bank” or “troubled bank” that the real thrust of the Independent story was lost on him.

It is common cause that people have lost confidence in Zimbabwe’s banking industry, and talking about the Third Chimurenga and such other misplaced philosophies will not help bring back public confidence.

Perhaps Lowani also needs to be reminded that there are no “troubled banks” in the UK, so it is pointless to direct his venom and frustrations on premier Tony Blair.

He should be angry with Robert Mugabe for presiding over a corrupt and inefficient government.

I do not think anyone would begrudge RBZ governor Dr Gideon Gono for trying to resuscitate a failed economy.

However, for dunderheads and bigheaded semi-educated ignoramuses like Lowani to insult all of us by lying without shame is unacceptable.

Hudson Taivo,


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