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I expect better from you

SO now that Zanu Cricket Union has bought its way into the Independent and Ozias Bvute has had his propaganda splashed on the back page “Bvute denies CIO links”, (Zimbabwe Independent, October 1), I wonder whether in the interests of bala

nced reporting, we are going to hear from Vincent Hogg and the sacked players too. Or are we now to be subjected to more Zanu PF propaganda via the independent press?

Then in the same issue we had more news of Kirsty Coventry. Excuse me, is this a history magazine or a newspaper?

Didn’t Elliot Mujaji arrive back from Athens also bearing gold recently? Where was the Independent on that story, I’d like to know?

If I want to read Zanu PF propaganda, I’ll buy their newspapers but I expect better from the Independent.

Zim Citizen,


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