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Hour of reckoning is near

AFTER their prolonged suffering at the hands of Zanu PF criminals, the abused, deprived but still sane Zimbabweans should soon be celebrating.

To be ceremoniously

witnessed by all will be the externalised loot after Zanu PF thieves flee to their pre-established safe havens in South Africa, Belgium, Switzerland, Monaco, Ireland, Nigeria, Malaysia, Luxemburg, North Korea, Namibia, China, Saudi Arabia, the DRC, Cuba, Madagascar, Angola, France and Libya.

Whilst wrath and due desire for retribution for multiple crimes done to and within Zimbabwe must inevitably be exercised, these processes must be executed in a civilised manner so as to affirm that a new truly democratic leadership of Zimbabwe is seen to conform to the standards of the modern world.

The “to-be-reborn” Zimbabwe has the real basis on which to expose the likes of the still confused Thabo Mbeki and Olusegun Obasanjo the fact that human rights and real democracy matter more to citizens than does retrogressive solidarity with looters.

The cowardly Zanu PF leaders and plunderers will predictably leave behind their misguided stalwarts such as the alleged 55 000 so-called “veterans” to face the first brunt of accountability for their collective immoral actions.

Watch the airplanes and the borders.

Walter Hurley,


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