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Enjoy it while it lasts comrades

ALLOW me space in your newspaper to present some little known and understood facts about the coming new world order which was announced by former United States president George Bush at the start

of the first Gulf War in 1990.

Politicians in first world countries often refer to the coming new world order (NWO) which, simply put, means the globalisation of the world on the political, economic and religious fronts.

They often speak about this using esoteric language, thus denying ordinary people the ability to fully understand their intentions.

The NWO advocates will ultimately implement a one world political system which will operate from a major city somewhere in Europe where there will be a global economy and a one world religious system, ie the much-talked about ecumenical church.

I would now like to digress from the above to a subject that Zimbabweans eat, sleep and walk with – politics.

Let me say here and now that the presidents and prime ministers of world powers do have hidden agendas as I believe any person will not be too hard pushed to discover for himself.

Elements of our paranoid leadership keep babbling on about our hard-won Independence, our sovereignty and the fact that we will never be a colony again. They keep on accusing the World Bank and the IMF of having ulterior motives for Zimbabwe. They might be right – but not for the reasons they think.

The IMF and World Bank are just two of the “1 000 points of light” President Bush spoke about at the same time he announced the coming NWO.

The “1 000 points of light” he mentioned are the various organisations and institutions that are slowly and insidiously doing the groundwork for the NWO.

Any country whose government does not conform to this agenda will ultimately be brought down by whatever means the NWO people see fit.

President Mugabe and Zanu PF are bucking the NWO and will ultimately be brought down by these people whether they like it or not as was Ian Smith and Rhodesia.

We are all pawns in a game – they had better believe it. They should forget about their obsession with UK premier Tony Blair because there is something far, far bigger than Blair involved here.

So comrades, enjoy your gravy trains, mansions and fancy cars while they last because you will soon be gone as will the government of any other country which bucks the NWO agenda.

Trust me, you are ultimately going to be humbled as “Independence” gives way to “Inter-dependence” and the only “sovereignty” the world will be experiencing in the future will be on a global basis and the only “colony” will be a global one.

Comrades, welcome to the coming New World Order!

Alistair Hull,


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