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Dispossessed settlers deserve no sympathy

I WRITE regarding the plight of dispossessed farm settlers who have been camping out for weeks along roadsides – principally and ironically, the one connecting Harare with the Zanu PF heroes’ shrine in Chinhoyi.

FONT face=”Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif”>I write on behalf of those who, by force of circumstances, are not themselves placed to speak – and here I refer to the widely scattered victims of this rabble.

It is with former commercial farmers – many of them my friends and their employees in mind, that I say these newly-dispossessed opportunistic predators deserve no sympathy.

Their situation serves them well. If they by any chance read this so much the better! I hope that in accordance with their creed they suffer cruelly.

It is not before time that farm invaders, war veterans or whatever tag they place on themselves, faced the consequences of their common criminality. It is not before time either, that they discovered the reality of their miserable lives under a repressive dictatorship.

Almost all of these people are victims of their own greed and lack of principle. No right-minded person buys all that do-gooder guff about them just being simple folk, gullible, easily led and so on. For instance, when they occupied land to which other people held legal and until then, government-endorsed titles, they did so willingly, often violently, openly and without remorse. It was in the culture of, if it moves steal it and if it doesn’t, or won’t break it.

Through their mindless actions, this rabble not only dispossessed titleholders of their dwelings, personal effects and animals, but deliberately struck fear into their hearts and destroyed their souls.

They included in this mindlessness their own kind without thought, pity or humanity. This was despite the fact that most of them had been living perfectly normal lives before greed entered the picture.

Their stations in life might not have been that elevated but, like it or not, all men or women are not born equal. The miserable roadside scenes now being wept over are merely mirror images of earlier ones. A case of an eye for an eye perhaps.

The casualties which these people were themselves instrumental in causing are by now dead, dispossessed, licking their wounds, financially ruined or straitened and scattered to the four winds.

As predicted, it becomes the turn of the tormentors – with one material difference. The Chinhoyi road flotsam can return from whence it came, which is somewhat easier than the former owners and employees being told to go back to where their forefathers had their origins.

To the invaders I say: “Your plight is a case of when thieves fall out…” It is only the beginning and unfortunately, the end is a long long way off.

I have no doubt whatsoever that we are all going to suffer for your sins. The rabble of unrepentant thieves who willingly participated in starting this are already among the biggest losers.

As ye shall sow, so shall ye reap. Go back to where you came from and repent. But above all, exercise a few brain cells before you act in future.

Post Nubila Phoebus,


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