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Be wary of SkyNet service

ON February 13 I sent two packages by air courier to England. They were sent by SkyNet Worldwide on consignment Note Number 008800065661. The manager in Harare, Norman Robertson, told me that they would be delivered within three days in E


He had neglected to tell me that there was a Customs form that had to be filled in and returned to SkyNet in the UK before they could be delivered.

In fact delivery only took place on February 28.

This was not a serious problem.

Much more serious was that when the packages were opened, the most valuable single item in the packages was missing. The missing item is an Epson Colour Stylus 600 inkjet printer and was itemised on the Customs declaration form handed over to Robertson in Harare before despatch.

An examination of the packaging showed very clearly that the package, a cardboard carton, which had been sealed by SkyNet in Harare while I watched, had subsequently been opened and re-sealed by SkyNet.

From this it is clear that the printer was stolen by someone in Harare who had access to SkyNet sealing tape.

On the advice of SkyNet UK I e-mailed SkyNet in Harare to report the theft and request compensation. I received an acknowledgement from Robertson promising investigations. Since then repeated e-mails to SkyNet in Harare, Johannesburg and London have been ignored.

In desperation I wrote to SkyNet in London asking them what SkyNet was prepared to do for me. I have given them four weeks and I have had no reply.

Perhaps you can make sure that your readers are warned to avoid this company as they are likely to lose their possessions and receive nothing in return, not even an apology.

JP Casson,


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