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An absolute disgrace

THE latest example of a gross miscarriage of justice in Zimbabwe is surely the jailing of MDC legislator Roy Bennett (“Bennett goes to jail”, Zimbabwe Independent. October 29).

a, sans-serif”>The vote by all Zanu PF parliamentarians present to send this brave and loyal Zimbabwean to jail is an absolute disgrace. No one with an ounce of humanity, or the semblance of a conscience, could have voted to impose such a punishment on a man who has suffered such extreme provocation for so long.

Zanu PF need not worry about not having enough women in parliament. It should worry more that there is not a single “man” in its parliamentary ranks. Was it Margaret Dongo who described them all as “Mugabe’s wives?”

Bennett’s agricultural achievements, his work for and support of his rural constituency and his brave struggle for a better Zimbabwe make him a genuine post-Independence hero – far more so than those who sent him to jail.

Let Bennett know that he has the admiration, thoughts and prayers of the millions of Zimbabweans who genuinely love their country.

That such a hero languishes in jail is an indictment of not only those directly responsible for sending him to jail, but of all of us who silently and cowardly go about our daily business whilst so many heroes – many of them unknown – suffer on our behalf.

That so many murderers, rapists, thieves and other enemies of civilised society live freely and often comfortably in our midst only adds to the injustice of the suffering that Zanu PF inflicts on genuine heroes.

Let the cowardly “silent majority” remember not to cry foul when their turn comes.

RES Cook,


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