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Where is the Law Society?

I would like to raise my voice with Disgruntled of Bulawayo, (the Standard, September 26) and Tapuwa Singaini, (the Independent April 2) on the subject of lawyers.

“>An individual goes to consult a lawyer on a specific matter. The lawyer says you have to pay $2,5 million before he can start working on the case.

The individual asks if that is what it will cost. The lawyer says, not necessarily, this is so that when you bring another matter to us, we will just deduct our fees from your account.

This is the first case I have ever brought before a lawyer, says the individual and I may never bring another matter again.

The lawyer says, if we see that you do not bring another matter to us, then we will refund you the balance.

This individual must leave with the suspicion that the lawyer is going to play around with this case in order to make as many actions as he thinks of until the $2,5 million is swallowed!

In another situation, a man goes to his lawyer and hands him a final demand letter which has been sent to him, obviously in error, as the debt of $12 000 had already been settled.

The lawyer says he will write the other lawyer about this. However, should he find any proof of payment, he should bring it to him.

As it turns out, the proof of payment is found and taken to the lawyer and that is the end of the threatened action.

The lawyer now raises an invoice of $25 000 for his professional fees, more than double what the debt had been! (These were days when our money had real value, of course). The man could have simply paid the $12 000 and saved the other $13 000!

Surely lawyers need a Gideon Gono to sort them out?

I cannot remember the Law Society of Zimbabwe acting in the interest of the public. One does not have to be an astute lawyer to make it in this country as long as he passes final law exams.

Nomore Dondo,


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