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Survey an SA/US conspiracy?

LISTENING to the Voice of America on August 19, I could not believe my ears. Is it true that President Robert Mugabe’s popularity among Zimbabweans has increased?

>After getting the gist of the survey I came to the conclusion that somebody was playing a nasty joke on the poor people of Zimbabwe.

Either the survey was a joke or it is the manifestation of a plot to try and build up President Mugabe’s stature to appear acceptable for a grand plan by those who conducted the survey – South Africa and the United States.

The survey provokes many questions but a few of the questions will be dealt with in this letter. To begin with, where in Zimbabwe was the survey conducted? How was the survey conducted? Was the survey conducted with the knowledge and support of our central intelligence people?

I know of no one in Masvingo who took part in the survey. Is there anyone in Zimbabwe who can honestly say he/she took part?

Zimbabweans know how dangerous it is to be seen conducting and taking part in any survey involving the Dear Leader (President Mugabe). Did our intelligence boys allow the survey to go ahead because they were promised a positive result on the president?

Suggesting that the intelligence people in Zimbabwe were not aware of this South African/American group of surveyors is like suggesting that Americans are not aware of presidential elections in their country later on this year.

Zimbabweans take results of the survey as a huge joke because Zimbabweans have lost faith in both South Africa and the United States. Something dirty is brewing and people of Zimbabwe should watch out for dirty tricks from South Africa and the United States.

Zimbabweans are not interested in surveys but what they like to hear is how they are going to be protected from violence during the 2005 parliamentary elections.

Ides of March,


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