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Rig but spare God’s creation

THE media in the USA has in recent months been highlighting President Mugabe and Zanu PF’s proposal to ban foreign human rights groups and placing restrictions on foreign-funded charity organisations operating in Zimbabwe.

If charities are forbidden from receiving foreign funding, how will the average Zimbabwean beneficiary of such aid survive?

Some of us who lost relatives during the Matabeleland atrocities see the usual pattern of President Mugabe’s strategies. During the height of the atrocities in the 1980s that saw the slaughter of the minority tribe of the Ndebeles, President Mugabe deliberately created a news blackout so that other people knew very little about what was happening in Matabeleland.

Just in recent years when he created the youth brigade to deal with his opponents he drove out the international media so that these inhumane activities would not be recorded.

What is he up to with this proposed NGO Bill? We all know that elections are around the corner and he wants to intensify brutality on those who oppose him.

President Mugabe has exerted so much fear on the people of Zimbabwe.

We usually say “Beware of the dog” but now it should be “Beware of President Mugabe and his government”.

If people do not vote for you Mr President, just rig as usual and stop killing God’s creation.

Sijabulisiwe Mahlangu,


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