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Power to make, break in MPs’ hands

THE role played by members of parliament has often been downplayed as most citizens vote for them without full knowledge that they hold the future of the country in their hands.

ca, sans-serif”>MPs make laws through their votes in parliament. They are voted into power by residents of their constituencies and they speak for and on behalf of the same constituents.

The electorate places trust in its chosen representatives to make representations that serve their interests. The citizens express their concerns to the MP who then takes them to parliament for debate. So these people play a pivotal role in determining the fate of citizens as far as their livelihood and liberties are concerned.

Over the years enactments have been made to various pieces of legislation and votes were obviously cast for them to be passed as laws.

Examples are Posa, Aippa and the Broadcasting Services Act among others.

The MPs’ input is the basis for the success or failure of a Bill to be passed into law. This makes them very important and in my opinion accountable to the people they purport to represent.

The current NGO and ZEC Bills and amendments to Aippa which are the subject of debate place huge responsibility on the MPs.

If they vote to pass the Bills in their current state, then they betray their masters – the people of Zimbabwe, and should prepare to account for it.

The contribution of NGOs to the economy and the citizens’ desire for freedom and free and fair elections cannot be overemphasised.

The potential negative impact of the proposed laws on the economy, political and social stability of the country and its standing in the community of nations should not be taken lightly.

There is need for MPs to realise that the power to make or break the nation is in their hands through their votes in as much as their appointment to the august House is in the people’s hands – also through their votes.

Francisca Mandeya,

Finance and Administration Officer – Civic Education Network Trust.

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