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NicozDiamond simply slow

M LEPPARD’S letter “Nothing to show for NicozDiamond’s A+ status”, (Zimbabwe Independent, October 1) regarding NicozDiamond is a sad one. My television set and VCR were stolen on October 13 last year. I reported the theft by phone and ask

ed for a claim form to be posted to me. No response came.

After a couple of more phone calls I visited their head office on October 28, collected the form, returned it with written valuation and waited. Two more visits to the head office on December 1 and 5 and I waited – and waited.

On March 23/24 I was phoned for advice that my cheque awaited collection. Petrol being scarce I asked if it could be posted. On April 21 I received it with the covering envelope date-stamped April 20.

The cheque was dated December 16 2003 and the covering advice December 12.

NicozDiamond’s then proudly cry – “We are here to render quality service – whatever it takes”.

PNR Silversides,


NicozDiamond responds:

WE refer to the above matter and to Mr Leppard’s letter “Nothing to show for NicozDiamond’s A+ status”, (Zimbabwe Independent, October 1) and wish to respond to the allegations as follows:

Whilst it is admitted that some delay was experienced in the processing of Mr Leppard’s claim, it is with regret that we noted that his article contained inaccuracies and did not give a fair account of what transpired. We wish to set the record straight by pointing out that the delay was not occasioned entirely by NicozDiamond but by a host of cumulative factors beyond our control.

The facts according to our files are as follows: This was a public liability policy against our client and by their very nature such claims take much longer to process due to the need to prove liability.

Whilst it is correct that the loss occurred in December 2002, it was not until February 5 2003 that NicozDiamond was appraised of the loss when a claim advice form was submitted intimating that an incident had occurred which might give rise to a third party claim. No relevant documents were submitted to enable the processing of the claim.

From February 2003 until November 2003 NicozDiamond did not receive any claim form and documents to substantiate Mr Leppard’s loss.

Meanwhile, Mr Leppard submitted his quantified claim and all the relevant correspondence to our client in June 2003 which documents were only forwarded to NicozDiamond in November 2003, almost a year after the loss. It was only at this stage that NicozDiamond was able to commence investigations in respect of the circumstances leading to the loss to determine liability. As the loss involved a claim against the public liability policy for our client, it was necessary to carry out extensive investigations to determine legal liability against our client before the policy could indemnify our client against the claim.

A meeting was subsequently held with Mr Leppard in February this year to resolve the claim but from that time there was an unfortunate breakdown of communication between Mr Leppard and NicozDiamond.

The managing director of NicozDiamond Insurance is committed to ensuring that all correspondence that reaches her office is promptly attended to. We also welcome any criticism of our service as long as it is fair, accurate and objective.

We have a customer services department that handles all complaints and compliments which can be accessed via our toll-free number 08004244. However, Mr Leppard’s claim has since been settled and the matter put to rest.

Finally, please note that an A+ rating indicates NicozDiamond’s capability to meet its claims, which makes it a first choice insurer.

D Nagar – general manager (marketing),

NicozDiamond Insurance Ltd,


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