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Mugabe is the lying groom

YOUR observations in the Editor’s Memo, “Who’s a hero?”, (Zimbabwe Independent, October 1) were quite to the point.

Can you imagine the ammunition if President Ro

bert Mugabe were to be brave enough to meet MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai on national television to explain their policies to the voters (just as we witnessed between George W Bush and John Kerry of the United States)!

I guess President Mugabe would be hard-pressed to tell the nation (or the world if Dead BC was CNN) where he got the extra bucks to buy those computers and buses he has been donating to schools in his rural home.

African politicians are a laughing stock to say the least. When I was young, my mother used to talk of certain young men who used to borrow suits from their friends at the time of courtship in order to impress their prospective bride.

For those gullible brides, they only woke up to the real situation regarding their groom when it was too late.

By the time they discovered that the groom was not what he presented himself to be, it was too late.

Some would be heavy with child and they would live to regret their gullibility.

President Mugabe is such a groom. He has never run a surplus at his Dura Bank since Independence.

How on earth can Zimbabwean voters be so gullible to have such a leader in office? The record is there for all to see. Look at the national debt. The IMF is owed over US$291 million, with no sign that this will be paid soon.

Domestic debt stands at $1,4 trillion while parastatals such as Zesa, the National Railways of Zimbabwe, Air Zimbabwe, Zisco, and Grain Marketing Board are saddled with debts with no sign of growth to match a growing population. Yet the educated president still finds cash to give to war veterans, mujibhas, chimbwidos, ex-detainees and above all, buy computers and buses to “donate”.

Is this man really as benevolent as he wants gullible Zimbabweans to believe?

I was perplexed by his posturing at the United Nations last week. Is President Mugabe really qualified to preach about democracy in the world? How dare he cares more about Iraqi people than Zimbabweans who have had to endure his misrule all these years!?

Yes, maybe he can tell us whether Gukurahundi in Matabeleland, the murders of MDC members, the death of children and old people due to starvation in all parts of the country and his monopoly on views expressed in the public media (paid for by our taxes) is an example of the democracy he would want the Americans and British to practise?

Can he tell us what his emissary Gideon Gono was looking for in the (UK) “Blair Toilet?”

Murinda R,


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