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MDC’s Nomore Sibanda mourned

WE treat our values, like our children, not equally but uniquely and resent choosing which one to sacrifice to save another.

The death of MDC national elections c

oordinator Nomore Sibanda has devastated many people fighting for change in Zimbabwe.

Sibanda was a fine political gentleman, a man who worked behind the scenes to make the MDC participate in and win elections.

He was a workaholic who seemed to see the larger story in Zanu PF that shaped it.

“We have got a fight on our hands. We must be focused on that and not how bad things are,” he used to say when reports of Zanu PF-instigated violence in election zones filtered through to his office.

And like a commander in the battlefield, he went out and gave the MDC membership something to cling on to – determination to win elections. In the midst of political turmoil, Sibanda stood firm.

He was present at every crucial election time from June 2000, persuading, promoting and calming candidates.

Unconventionality was the essence of Sibanda’s style as an elections technocrat and negotiator. No one will ever forget Sibanda. Rest in peace soldier of democracy.

Frank Matandirotya,

MDC Chikomba candidate.

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