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MDC action too little, too late

ALL opposition in Zimbabwe has been battered into near-inactivity by the state-controlled press propaganda, oppressive legislation, a partisan police force and increasingly partisan judiciary as well as a terror campaign that has now “mat

ured” from raw, physical violence to a politically-motivated “anti-corruption” crusade.

Against this background and after losing some five very flawed by-elections, this week’s decision by the MDC to suspend its participation in elections and by-elections comes, in brief – too little, too late.

We did not need Mauritius to come to this milestone. This gift to the state

propaganda machinery will no doubt be put on centre-stage for their “The MDC is now irrelevant” show.

Should the MDC participate in the March 2005 elections (they have reportedly left their options open on this one), they will probably be “given” some five to 10 seats at most – for the sake of appearances and out of respect for regional (Sadc) sensibilities.

For now, Zimbabwe’s political scenario will remain in limbo and the economy and its peoples in “arrested development”.

B Mhlanga,


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