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Isn’t there a conflict of interest?

“FUEL prices slashed,” blared the Herald’s headline on August 18.

“With immediate effect” the price of diesel would be $320 and the price of petrol would be $335,” it was stated.

In recent time

s we have also been regularly informed about Reserve Bank governor Gideon Gono’s warnings to retailers not to increase prices during the currency switch.

In view of this, could someone explain why on the same day, at Country Petroleum Service Station in Mabelreign, both petrol and diesel were being sold at $650 per litre?

And as of August 21, diesel continued to be sold at $650 per litre. If it is true, as commonly believed, that this service station is part of Gono’s business empire, perhaps the someone who can explain is Gono himself.

Normally (to the extent that anything is “normal” in Zimbabwe) this service station always has fuel available, but interestingly since August 19, no petrol has been on sale.

One would hate to think that Gono is guilty of the same business practices that he condemns in others: selling at above the controlled price and subsequently withholding products from the market because of price controls.

And if this service station is part of Gono’s business empire, is there not a potential conflict of interest when he is involved in a business that requires foreign currency to operate?

Given the centrality of the anti-corruption drive to Gono’s attempts to revive the economy, surely he must be seen to be above reproach.

Everett Scott,


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