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Genuine fakes

THE sale of imitation and fake merchandise is usually associated with flea markets or other dubious outlets.

However, Zimbabweans are warned that some established companies are knowingly selling fake items, purporting them to be

genuine brands.

I purchased some 10 months ago a Sony DVD player from Electronic Equipment at Berveley Court on the understanding that the product was genuine.

Recently the machine required repairs. I took it to the Electronic Equipment service workshop for repair under guarantee. However, I was told that the machine was fake and that the warranty period was for only 30 days — though originally told of one year!

I’ve had other problems with the same company. In 2005 I imported a Philips DVD writer. Though agent for Philips, the company refused to honour the world-wide warranty offered by Philips. Instead I was referred to Philips HQ in Msasa (now Destiny) where the company not only refused to honour the warranty, but told me to take it back to where it was purchased — that is the UK!

M Leppard,


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