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Chideya portrayed victim

I WONDER whether all is okay in terms of the Zimbabwean media’s reportage of the Harare Town House circus.

For years now the media has bombarded us with news regarding the poor management at Town House and the correspondin

g rot on the ground.

Recently town clerk Nomutsa Chideya got suspended and suddenly all media portrayed him as a victim!

Please tell us if some of you guys have not been corrupted. We hear of journalists now living in council flats and some allocated stands by Chideya and we hope it did not affect the whole media fraternity.

Everyone knows Chideya’s CV: he was fired from Marondera, from a parastatal and has been fired by three different councils and commissions in Harare. That he remains there is a mystery.

His position at Town House not only requires a strong individual, but also a capable one. He is neither.

Please report fairly and call a spade a spade. We cannot separate the current rot from the CEO since 1998.



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