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ZCU should swallow its pride and reconcile

IT’S intriguing and instructive to note that our infamous Herald cricket reporters failed to publish any report on the Zimbabwe cricket team’s 4-wicket loss to the USA in a warm-up game to the ICC Champions Trophy Tournament recently in p

rogress in the UK.

How blinkered from reality can one get?

Could it be that they are just too embarrassed with the new national side’s continuing dismal performances, a few rare individuals apart?

Such results against the minnows of world cricket are a surefire way for the misguided Zimbabwe Cricket Union (ZCU) and its beleaguered current crop of players to ditch our hard-earned cricketing pride and heritage on the scrap heap and inevitably lose Test status.

Is it not time for the ZCU to swallow its pride and make a genuine effort to reconcile with some of the so-called “rebel” players before it’s too late and cricket disappears into oblivion like most of our other sports?

DK Evans,


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