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Zanu PF’s actions vindicate Churchill

WINSTON Churchill once said: “There is no worse mistake in public leadership than to hold out false hopes soon to be swept away.”

And Zanu PF has done exactly tha

t. The party has not made the people of this country believe in themselves.

Too many people have nothing to show for the country’s much-touted sovereignty.

Instead, the country is a dispirited place, humiliated abroad and uncertain at home as Zanu PF continues to destroy the democratic hopes of the people.

In forums where the people of this country meet to discuss their political future, they have expressed clear commitments. They want strong protection for individual rights, they want independence and their freedom which can only be achieved through a free and fair election.

Hope is an infectious decease and the MDC is the carrier.

We, in the MDC, believe that our country should not be a source of violence, a haven of terror and a threat to the world.

The MDC serves the cause of liberty and that is always and everywhere, a cause worth serving.

Nomore Sibanda and Frank Matandirotya,

MDC Elections department,


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