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Zanu PF win was a farce

THE “win” by Zanu PF’s Phineas Chihota at the close of the nomination court for the Seke by-election last Friday is a slap in the face of Sadc especially after the recently held Mauritius electoral declarations.

FONT face=”Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif”>In short, the Zanu PF win is a farce. At least for the people of Seke constituency they were saved from

* Zanu PF youths at unofficial roadblocks terrorising people;

*Crude propaganda in the Herald and the ZBH on the evils of the MDC;

*Untold beatings by Zanu PF youths and war veterans;

*Night-long orientation meetings and daily rallies;

*Forced buying and carrying always of the Zanu PF card or risk torture;

*Burning down of opposition members’ homesteads

*Forced break-ups and denial of MDC meetings by the police and Zanu PF thugs; and

*Promises of more bridges, tarred roads and electricity.

That’s why we in the MDC have refused to take part in any election in this country until the agreed Sadc norms and regulations on holding free and fair elections have been implemented and adhered to by Zanu PF.

We still believe in a place called Hope.

Frank Matandirotya and Nomore Sibanda,

MDC Elections department.

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