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Tel*One increases a scandal

TEL*ONE have just issued August bills to their customers. The rate per unit (which buys 3-4 minutes of local call) has jumped from $120 to $585 – a 390% increase.

>That is probably still cheap by international terms (but expensive for Americans Canadians – who get free local calls). But it is the way the increases was effected which is the scandal. There was zero publicity in the media and even at the payment offices during previous payment periods.

The effect of this unannounced practice? A theoretical windfall for Tel*One and its greedy owners for the period August 1 through September 15; in reality unpaid bills, disconnections, even more financial stress, loss of family contact, waste of forex-demanding fuel to physically travel to places which cannot now be phoned to, and in fact probably a decline in revenue and in profit for Tel*One.

The solution? Tel*One can apply a 75% refund on all calls during the period August 1 through September 15 and issue corrections on its September billing (which arrive in clients mail boxes mid-October).

Tel*One can meanwhile accept 25% payment against the current invoices without disconnection. That will mean a 25% increase over the original rate from August 1 through September 15, followed by the full original increase of 490% from September 16.

If Gonese, Mugabe and the government are committed to fairly winning the next election, defeating inflation and fair practice by commercial companies towards consumers, then they will implement this very simple solution.

Alex Weir,


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