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Someone please save our flora and fauna!

WITH the massive land resettlement programme which has taken place in Zimbabwe, have there been any moves to monitor the impact it has had on the environment?


experience has proved that it has been implemented with very little, if any, regard for Zimbabwe’s natural resources.

A prime example is the massive destruction of Miambo woodlands along the Eiffel Flats/Mhondoro road.

Hectares upon hectares of brachyslegia/julbemardia woodland are being cleared daily in areas clearly unsuitable for agriculture on hills and watersheds and on land particularly susceptible to erosion. It appears that this is occurring throughout Zimbabwe where “new farmers” are instructed by government to clear their land or lose it!

It appears that members of the Forestry Commission and the Natural Resources Board of Zimbabwe are not fulfilling their duties to protect our forests and woodlands. This is a national disgrace which cannot go unchecked by international environmental groups.

President Mugabe will never be able to claim that his land resettlement programme was done with the future environmental health of Zimbabwe in mind. It has been one of the most destructive and senseless onslaughts on the environment I have ever had the misfortune of seeing.

Please, will someone save what is left of our precious, life-giving woodlands and forests. Is there someone, somewhere with the courage to speak out and put an end to this senseless destruction of our flora and fauna.



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