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Silent citizens abetting injustice

THE acquittal of the six persons accused of killing former war veterans leader Cain Nkala shows that there is still some integrity and courage within the judicial system.

>In a normal environment it would be stating the obvious to say that all those responsible for arresting, prosecuting and publicising the arrest and incarceration of these six innocent Zimbabweans have a lot of egg on their faces.

But as these people all have faces already covered with egg, it would be hard to notice yet another facial covering of egg from yet another public humiliation.

Can we look forward to a public apology from Newsnet’s chief correspondent Reuben Barwe for the manner in which he so eagerly reported from the shallow grave where Nkala’s body was allegedly found?

Can we look forward to disciplinary measures being taken against the policemen who were so strongly castigated by Justice Sandra Mungwira?

Can we now look forward to the apprehension by the police of the real culprits? Can we… I doubt it.

All freedom loving Zimbabweans undoubtedly offer their heartfelt good wishes to these unfortunate victims of Zanu PF-style “justice”.

Let those who continue to turn a deaf ear, blind eye and keep a silent mouth to the suffering of their fellow Zimbabweans remember that they could be next.

Let them also remember that their deafness, their blindness and their silence in the face of so much suffering is itself a major contributing factor to the perpetuation of all the injustice that daily affect so many Zimbabweans.

Zimbabwe’s “silent, deaf and blind majority” have much to answer for.

They bear a large measure of responsibility for the continuation of the suffering and oppression that characterises Zimbabwe today.

RES Cook,


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