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Publish list of those who flunk etiquette

THE private sector and other non-governmental organisations are quick to blame the government, with some justification, for all the ills besetting our nation but are ironically just as guilty.

Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif”>Just a few years ago if you raised any issue with a CEO or director of almost any company, you would receive a rapid response. Not so these days as good business etiquette and public relations seem to be a rarity. I list three non-exemplary examples.

These are the CEO of Stanbic Bank to whom I sent a letter concerning a number of issues, the CEO of Publications Distribution over excessive charging by paper vendors, and two letters to the director of health in the Harare municipality regarding refunds for ghost refuse bin charges.

Not one has bothered to respond! Now, before Zimpost gets the blame for lost mail, all the letters were sent by fax and acknowledged as received!

To be fair, not everyone can be tarred with the same brush and I acknowledge two that showed exemplary behaviour and responded promptly.

These are the CEO of the Public Service Medical Aid Society (PSMAS) and the CEO of Caps.

I have noticed a marked deterioration in the standard of behaviour in most professions and wonder how this has been allowed to arise and what the professional bodies are doing about it?

Are they aware, do they care?

The management institute and similar organisations are keen to publicise and award top business persons and secretaries, but how about publishing individuals and organisations that fail to make the grade?

M Leppard,


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