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Prioritise transport

ZIMBABWE’S railway transport system is now a death trap.

Workers, especially those who commute to work using the so-called “freedom trains”, are exposed to seriou

s danger as a result of accidents that are now a familiar feature of our railways system.

It’s obvious that most of the trains have lived beyond their intended life-span and with the unavailability of spare parts caused mostly by the government’s misallocation of resources, the system is on its deathbed.

The nation must surely be questioning government’s priorities when it established youth training camps that gobble millions of taxpayers’ money when the railway transport system is neglected.

It is not enough for government officials to give excuses of human error each time accidents occur. They should revisit their resource allocation list with a view to allocating more to areas of national priority.

There is also an element of dereliction of duty on the part of both the government and railway officials. Why do we have such alarming levels of accidents being attributed to human error if the officials are conscious of their duties and responsibilities?

Those who are incompetent should surely be remo-ved as keeping them exposes unsuspecting commuters.

This scenario is a direct reflection of the decay in government.

It’s a failed state that has not only failed to provide jobs, food, housing and affordable healthcare but also endangers the lives of the citizens on a daily basis.

Silas Mangono,

MDC Shadow Minister of Transport and Communication.

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