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Power shortfalls not our baby’

THE electricity interruption that was experienced on Monday morning (July 5) was a result of a feeder cable fault from Manica Substation, which supplies parts of the central business district in Harare.

=”Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif”>The interruption the following day was attributable to a fault on a 33Kv breaker at City Intake Substation, the nerve centre of power supply for the City of Harare.

The power shortfall that was experienced during the evening peak period on July 6-7 was due to a generator forced outage at Hwange Power Station, coupled with temporary limited imports from the region. The problem has since been addressed.

Such power supply interruptions resulting from equipment failure in generation, transmission and distribution are inevitable in any power system and should not be misconstrued as load-shedding nor shoddy service delivery on the part of Zesa Holdings.

Zesa Holdings and its sister company, the Rural Electrification Agency have plans to provide electricity to all the institutions of the country – both urban and rural.

Such plans will progressively complement national goals like the land reform programme hence there is no dearth of brain power at Zesa Holdings.

However, the developments at Zesa Holdings in the power sector are being hampered by an upsurge of wanton theft and vandalism to electricity networks, especially in the urban areas.

Against such a background, it would be grossly unfair for the power utility to be blamed for the power cuts which are caused by the sinister activities of rogue elements that are destroying the electricity networks for illicit economic gains.

Shepherd Mandizvidza,

Senior public relations officer, Zesa Holdings Corporate Affairs.

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