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Peta was right, you scored own goal!

PLEASE kindly take my honest criticism that your futile attempt to water down Basildon Peta’s comment that Zimbabwe was sliding towards the Stone Age as an “overzealous metaphor” amounted to an own goal, “Back to Stone Age?”, (Zimbabwe In

dependent, July 16).

This is regarding observations which you later made that there is no longer the great Zimbabwe as we now have the Zimbabwe ruins.

Firstly, Peta was precise – the last thing a UN agency like Unicef can do is to join hands with the government as if there is nothing amiss when the government fails to provide ambulances. In fact, Unicef wants to normalise the anomaly.

To cut it short, your subsequent statistics pointed to helplessness and 100% vulnerability, thereby dwarfing Peta’s metaphor.

This is because in the Stone Age period there was no desperation and helplessness as the people had successfully adopted perfect survival strategies.

Surely folks then were not in a state of turmoil out of want. They had hope, they were not in a health turmoil. They lived collectively and shared all they had.

There was no Mbare/Borrowdale class or health disparities. They had good and respected egalitarian leadership not self-serving autocrats.

Moreover, the Stone Age period was better than the grim picture of a collapsed hope of survival which you eventually portrayed.

Your observations are supported by conventional wisdom that you either move forward or you slide backwards.

The two extremes are the Industrial Age on one hand and Stone Age on the other.

The idea of stagnation is only a false hope strategy. Indeed Zimbabwe is on the move. It has to be towards one of the two positions. There is no stagnation for Zimbabwe whatsoever.

My astonishment was further added as comparisons were made to the mobile libraries. Those mobile libraries were more for leisure exhibitions which cannot be compared to real life-threatening health issues.

It does not matter if a mobile library travels at one or two kilometres per hour as I have personally witnessed that they have very outdated books.

Who has passed examinations using those old books? Modern libraries (like the ones for the governing elites’ children) in Harare and Bulawayo have up-to-date books and the much-needed information technology.

My conclusion is that Peta was dead right. Unicef bosses in Harare are sleeping on the job.

Denford Moyo,


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