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Objection to huge increases

I WISH to register my strong objection to the continued escalation of costs without any improvement in the telephone service system.

At a time when we are being t

old that inflation is being brought under control, Tel*One increases rates from $120 per unit to $585 per unit (387,5% increase) not to mention the effect with VAT included which brings the cost of every unit to $672,75 per unit.

Has anyone thought how this is going to affect costs generally with businesses having to increase prices to cope with telephone charges, fuel price increases and other inputs which will be affected by these same increases? … a merry-go-round!

In my offices, staff prefer to sit on the phone to talk to their friends as opposed to serving customers and this includes when one is waiting for attention in Tel*One offices. Our telephone account is 454% higher than last month and so somebody is going to pay for that.

It is obvious that government will not try to control this since they too are benefiting from the huge increase in revenue in the form of VAT.

Could you please explain the reasons for the increase or is it a case of “while the cow stands still … keep milking?”

In most other countries, the cost of telecommunications is coming down. Is Tel*One in competition with Zimpost whose postal rates have resulted in empty post offices?

JG Palmer,


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