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No audience for Mudenge’s Shakespearean theatrics

AT the height of UN sanctions against Angola’s Unita movement, its representative in New York said something that was confirmed last week after Zimbabwe’s participation at the summit of the African Union (AU) held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


It will be recalled that the Unita representative complained then that the problem with Zimbabwe’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr Stan Mudenge was that he read “too much Shakespeare”. More specifically, he meant Mudenge was unreal and lived on another planet.

Last week television viewers were treated to these Shakespearean theatrics and bombast after Zimbabwe was given a cold shoulder at the AU.

For example, the “consistent leader” (President Mugabe) was not even afforded a platform to subject his peers to his favourite conspiracy theories on regime change etc.

The “consistent leader” received no standing ovation from the majority of Ethiopians because Ethiopia is far away from Zimbabwe and therefore it is not possible to bus Zimbabweans there to demonstrate support or applaud and cheer his arrival.

But the Commission’s report on human rights abuses brought out our own Comical Ali.

Last year this paper ran a lengthy piece about the Commission’s report and how it had been put aside at the AU summit in Maputo, Mozambique, because there was belief and an assumption that South African President Thabo Mbeki’s quiet diplomacy would succeed.

It is surprising Mudenge could claim Zimbabwe was unaware of the existence of the report until Addis Ababa. He should just say he was scared of telling his boss.

Zimbabwe shows panic at the mention of the AU’s peer review mechanism which was up for discussion at the summit.

Our leaders are hopelessly out of touch with the rest of the continent but more sadly with their own people. That is our tragedy.

Tirivanhu Mhofu,


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